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Oct 09, 2015

How do i increase my muscle more quickly

I am using supplements as whey protein and good diet from 2 and half months and I am happy with that but the result is not so good... Not satisfied as it should be. I do work outs wid sets and reps balance but my muscle is not increasing
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Oct 09, 2015

Hi Shubham,

I need your proper data like height, weight, age for better suggestions.

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Oct 09, 2015


Focus on weight training everyday and getting enough protein. At least 1g per pound of lean body mass. That will help in building muscle.


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Oct 12, 2015

If your muscles are not increasing then increase your calorie Intake....Thats it...go into Calorie Surplus mode and you will see the result

Test altMK Baikani Oct 14, 2015

WHat can be the best food for Calories

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Oct 14, 2015

your question lacks so many details.So, I am adding my veiw in addition to other answers.

Most of the trainers and body builders says " REST :" is the key. If you are doing split, then one day off per week is good. but if you are doing full body weighttraining then day after day would be suggestable. understand your body and experiment on it. Protein isn't the only key for muscle gain, you should have adequate amount T levels too. so, don't workout for more than 60 mins. Studies shows that T levels will drop if you stress your body for more than 60 mins.



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