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Mar 16, 2016

How long meal repleacement shakes should be taken

Hi, I have been taking meal replacement shakes in Morning and Evening with low calorie meal in afternoon for about 2 months now. My height is 164cm with initial weight before two months was 81 kg. I wanted to achieve weight of 68kg. I am doing stretching and 20 minute weight training for about 4 days a week. my current weight is 75. Recently since past 10 days i have started mixing protein powder with my shakes to increase protein intake. My question is should I continue to have meal replacement shakes twice per day to achieve desired weight? My job involves mostly sitting and minimal walking short distances. Please suggest.
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Mar 22, 2016


You can continue it till target weight. Its not synthetic, completely natural. You are getting result thats cool, Do little bit more workout and stick on diet. Hope you will acheive it very soon!



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