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Aug 27, 2015

How loss fat of side bell?

I m 19 and 5.11 high i have fat on my stomuch and i getting loss fat with uper abs and lower abs but side bell is still same with no change i really need afew exerciese for loss fatt with side bell and i know all basics exercies but i need such exercies which foucs specially on side bell Please reply soon
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Aug 31, 2015

Hi Razab bharti,

First thing I want to tell you that "Abs are made in kitchen not in gym". you have to follow low carb, low fat, low sugar and low sodium food. also don't take carbs in dinner, you can use CASEIN powder for night time protein along with this you have to take a fast acting whey with Bcaa as a intra-workout.

Do not do Abs on daily basis, you can train on alternate days and do abs with weight. 

Basic exercise for abs are:

Cable Hip Abduction
Alternate Floor Leg Raise
Floor Crunch
Ball Semi Crunch


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Aug 31, 2015


Only diet will help you lose fat. Cut your carbs and overall be in a deficit when it comes to total caloric intake.


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Sep 01, 2015
Standing twister is good one for side and yes abs are made in kitchen.. Focus on diet

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