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Nov 09, 2015

How much kgs of weight can an indivual gain if he is 70kgs and takes around 125-150 gms of protein every day

Hi , I weigh 70 kgs and I am trying to bulk up. I started with my weight as 68 kgs. I am trting to maintain a 140-150 gm protein diet with 75 gms of whey and other from chicken egg and paneer. Earlier I was taking muscletech and was gaining muscle and weight (72kgs) but I realized that it may be because of the creatine in it and its just water weight. So now that water weight has gone but even after taking a high protein diet I dont see much gains and difference in the way I look. It is still the same small frame amd low on muscles. I am having ON whey(3 scoops)  and scivation extend BCAA's as intra workout. And following a multijoint and singlejoint routine.  first three days of the week more weight less reps and multijoint exercises and next three days single joint exercises with less  weight and more reps.
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