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Aug 02, 2015

How much milk should be taken with one scoop of protien

Milk quantity with one scoop of protien and within how much time aftr workut....
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Aug 02, 2015
8 - 12 onz ( 300ml) within 15 to 20 min after workout. But I suggests u should take it with water for fast absorption or recovery. U can take milk separate on another time. Milk add extra calories.
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Aug 03, 2015


You can take it within 24 hours of your workout but it is said to take it within 1 hour for maximum effect.


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Aug 04, 2015


its totally up to you u can have 300 ml - 500 ml milk in a scoop of protein but if i talk about post workout u should have your protein in water only for best result.


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