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Oct 11, 2015

How much of your daily protein intake should come from protein shakes?

How much protein shake is too much? Since the supplements should only support my diet and not be reliant on it.
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Oct 12, 2015

Protein Shakes depends upon your diet...It can be taken as many times as you want but you should not go beyond 2-3 times....One after workout and two you can adjust as per your diet regime...But make one thing clear Your Protein shakes will only help you when your diet is on track (Good) 

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Oct 14, 2015

The best way to know that is to calculate how much you are taking by food. Track your food properly and calculate how much protein you took. If your intension is to gain lean muscle total protein intake should be 1 to 1.2 times of your body weight in gms. For example you weigh 70 kgs then it should be between 70 to 85 gms. if you can get 50 gms from food then the rest should be from suppliment. That's how you should calculate it.


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