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Feb 25, 2016

How much protien should i consume in one day

Hello sir. My name is swapnil Patil I working out last 1year in gym. When I started workout at that time my weight is approx 54 kg and now my weight is 67.6 kg. My size is increased bt I don't get any cuttings. So I want cutting. Today I received whey protein so I don't know how many scoops should I take in a day so please guide me abt diet routine and supplement guid. Whey protein powder contain 25 gm of protein in 32 gm of scoop
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Feb 26, 2016


If you want to devvelop cuts go on a fat loss schedule. 

Try carb cycling, with high amount of protein. Get you profile analysis don't from our experts theey will show you the right path.

follow this link below:



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