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Nov 09, 2016

How much qty & which whey protein to take after running half marathon?

Hi I have been advised to take whey protein after running half marathon for recovery. Kindly suggest how much qty and which one should i take? Since it's a short term need, i would prefer to start may be with few sachets/ smaller pack of protein. My weight is 88 KG, height is 172 cm Regards
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Nov 10, 2016
As per your activity level, you should go for a healthy supplement stack; which includes: Whey Isolate (High protein with less carb) along with Glutamine (optional),& Fish oil. 
You can add creatine pre workout 5gm if you require extra energy that is optional.
The dose for all the above stack will be:
1) whey Isolate: twice in a day; 1 scoop as post workout & 1 scoop as in Early Morning in water.
2) Glutamine: 5 gm in post workout mixed along with protein in water & next 5 gm as bed time in water.
3) Fish Oil: 2 Capsules a day, as post-meal; 1 cap after your breakfast & lunch each.

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