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Apr 18, 2016

How should i get lean body

I want to get a lean bodg but i am double minded for wat to do no one guide me gym trainer suggest me to use injections Bur i am scared to choose this path....please guide me
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Apr 18, 2016

Hi Anmol,

You didn't mentioned your details. If you are looking for lean muscle mass then you have to calculate your calorie intak, smal and frequent meals need to take.Avoid saturated fats, junk food etc increase intake of protein and carbs. Do compound movement training then after do 15 minutes cardio. Consume whey isolate protein (1 scoop early in the morning with water, 1 scoop post workout with water).

As you said that your trainer is recommended you injections that is steroid. I will never recommend you because of dangerous side effect.



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