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Oct 14, 2015

How to become bulk ,

With lot of busy scehdule iam working since 1 year . i have definetly lost the weight but abs have not come up .  over all i look slim now  but not muscular ,  Biceps , thights  waist are bit slim then Muscular body . i wana look like gym guy Diet : Morning :  Whey with oats boiled in water ,  Fruit and veg salads as pre lunch , Whole bread  as lunch ,  Eggs  at post lunch , whey pre dinner and  chapathi  at dinner . plz suggest . Mk baikani
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Oct 14, 2015


So it's obvious that your diet lacks protein. Start having chicken breast, turkey, cottage cheese etc. Your body will change for sure.


Test altMK Baikani Oct 14, 2015

i take chicken every alternate day two times ,  how to take cheese ?

and also suggest apart from whey , MV, Creatin  do i add  Mass gainer  in my diet?  if so when will be the rite time .

how about glutamine . i bought it but iam not understnding when to use .

Awaiting for your reply


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