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Nov 04, 2015

How to build muscle mass

I have been dieting and workingout from past 1 year. And have lost 24KGS and i think i reduced around 15-16% body fat(I guess). I was 104kgs and now I am 80 kgs. But now my weight loss and fat loss% has stopped its stuck. I am not able to lose my bodyfat% its stuck at 25.1% from past 2 months. Pls help me out as I want to reduce 10% fat more. Also my waist size isnt coming down , itchas struck to 36" i want to rwduce it by 6" min, it was around 46" when I started. How should I approach. Also I am a pure vegetation and but I can use supplements. I am using fat burner, carnitine , cla, whey protein (4 scoops/ day), multivitamin, flaxoil supplements. Pls guide me as to where I am going wrong , how should I approach towards muscle building. I eat 6-7 times a day. Breakfast(9:30)- 1pkt saffola masala oats, 1 scoop protein, 2 slice of multigrain bread , 1spn peanut butter. Lunch(1:30)- 2 wheat roti, 1 cup raw vegetables, 1 scoop protein, sabzi. Snacks(4:30)- 2 slice multigrain bread, 1 spn peanut butter. Dinner(7:00)- same as lunch. Snacks(9:30)- 1 scoop protein, 5 almonds. Sleep from 10-6. Protein I take with water. My workout is 70 mins cardio 60 mins weight training. Cardio is 35 mins before weight Training, and 15 mins after weight training. And 20 mins in even.
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