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Aug 15, 2017

How to consume pre-post workout protien...

m a 100m 200m track athlete..i want to know that how can i consume my mass gainer between my tough schedule of around 2hr am and 2hr pm....for good results....
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Aug 16, 2017


Please share your credentials with us to assess your condition.

Mass Gainer can be consumed if you are under weight, it will help you in gaining weight, it provides an excess of calories and carbs along with the protein. In case you are at your ideal weight then you can consume whey protein post workout and one serving early in the morning.

General dosages of mass gainer are- 1 serving post workout and one serving at any time of the day between the two meals.

Since you are a runner, you can consume any pre workout as per your requirement also consume Glutamine at bed time. Along with that, you can consume BCAA  in between your rest period.


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