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Aug 22, 2015

How to flatten lower abs?

what would be the best exercises for flattening the lower belly fat? i want to get it falttend .!! though there is not very much fat in my lower abs portion but still i dont even have the cutting. what should i do? should abs be performed everyday? i do crunches, deadbug, reverse crunch, alternate leg raises, lying leg raises and many more for abs! but still there is not much improvement. though my belly falttend a lot. am i doing anything wrong by doing abs everyday?
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Aug 24, 2015

hi paul,

abs (rectus abdominis) recover so fast so if u want u can perfom d ab workouts daily no pron in it...u need to reduce ur bodyfat..u ll c ur abs changing by reducing bf level...try hiit cardio after ur weight training...



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