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Mar 06, 2016

How to gain more muscle mass and density being an athelete?

I am Arman,21 years old,am a cricketer and have to do lots of cardio.I want to gain muscle mass.I currently weigh 61 kgs.I have been working out for nearly 1.5yrs.I have a toned and athletic body.But I want to gain more muscle.I am actively involved in sports and am a regular at the gym.I currently use syntha 6,nutrex t up,carnivor beef aminos and am on a clean bulking diet and workout plan.Any tips on diet and supplements to gain muscle mass will be appreciated.
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Mar 22, 2016

Hi Arman,

Yor are burning much calories in the ground and gym.So take high calories diet (suggested 3 hourly).I would like to suggest you to take Whey protein post workout with water for faster recovery of ruptured muscle. BCAA during workout  and in the gound as well. Consume Syntha-6 before bed. Rest supplement stack is ok. In gym do weight training and stretching for flexibility.




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