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Sep 19, 2015

How to gain size without getting fat

I am aditya age 17 height 6 feet and weight 76 kg.. I am a lean kid..working from 2 years..using whey and bcaa..BUT doesn't have abs which is necessary for competition can u tell me a muscle building plan(diet,work out) for me.. To gain size adding inches to arms and back ..
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Sep 19, 2015

Hi Aditya,

According to your height your weight should be around 82 kgs. i.e you are around 8 kgs under weight. You should go for a mass gainer first which cointain protein:carbs :: 1:5  like ON Serious Mass, DYMATIZE Super mass gainer, ULTIMATE NUTRITION  Muscle juice, MUSCLEBLAZE XXL,BSN True mass 1200, SCITECH jumbo, ABB Extreme XXL, TWINLAB super gainer fuel etc. Also have to take  6 healthy meals in a day and hit your gym minimum 5 days in a week with heavy weight and just 10-12 reps per set.

and also,

There are plenty of workouts/diets in our blogs section and link this:


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