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Jan 19, 2016

How to gain strength and build in shape

hello... I need an advise,i want to gain muscle and loose my big tyre(Love handle). I am not a Guy who Do regular gym ..but i did workout.Now i join a gym last week. MY weakness:-  Arm strength,sholders.(not able to do single pull up),belly Fat. Help me guys i am really need some advisor ..should i go for suppliments,gainer or not? i am good in Yoga,running. IN PAST,i  take SAN mass effect(for gaining weight over my sholders,arm) did well..but as i stopped gym all my strength gone.  NOW what should i do??????????????
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Jan 20, 2016

Calculate your maintainance calories. Increase by 200 and workout at least  5-6 days a week. Do not take any gainers. Take whey protein.


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