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Oct 12, 2016

How to gain weight ????

i am very lean i want to gain some weight tell me some thing for that so that i can also gain some weight
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Oct 13, 2016

You need to ensure to gain weight in a balanced way so that the end result is a healthy body with good overall muscle mass and not excess belly fat. Read our detailed guide on healthy ways to gain weight for better results.

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Oct 14, 2016
Try to maintain your calorie count through your daily diet and supplements. Include energy dense food in your diet like banana shake ,fig shake ,peanut butter,oats ,milk ,fruits, corn and energy dense nuts like almonds, walnuts & peanuts.  For protein sources include chicken meat and meat products, whole grain cereals like brown rice and pulses which are a good source of complex carbs . Also, you can include sweet potato and other potato products as an evening snack.
Some of the good fat sources are olive oil, canola oil, fish oil,flaxseed oil.
Supplement depends on your goal since you have not specified your current weight and height and your workout schedule. So if you are maintaining a proper workout schedule you can go for Mass gainer.

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