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Sep 24, 2015

How to get cutting in body ? can we get cutting and bulking same time ?

Sir I am 21 years old , I want to get cutting in my body , and bulking also , how to get rid of fat from love handles ? In INDIA diet is main problem how to manage for vegetarians ? Can you tell me tell me about low carb , high protein food in India ?
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Sep 24, 2015


Cutting And Bulking on same time is not possible because when you are in bulking stage you have to take a lot of calories in your diet but on other hand we have to cut down our calories and should have rich protein meals.


Do your abs workout with heavy weight as well as cut down simple carb , simple sugar, saturated fat, a lot of sodium from your diet, take small and frequent rich protein meals in a whole day and  make sure that you meet your daily requirement of protein according to your body weight.

For rich protein food you can visit the below link:



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