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Jun 25, 2015

How to get cutting in muscle

Hello, I am Jay and i am 78 kg. I have started workout since 2013 and build good size in muscle but wanted more cutting(lean) in muscle. i use muscleblaze whey protein and creatine. my muscle size is good but not get cutting(lean muscle) in body what workout i should do. please guide me. Is Cardio workout help me to get some. What other supplement suggest by you to grow more muscle. Regards Jay  
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Jun 26, 2015

Hi Jay,

While supplements is an important step in building your body, getting ripped is a process. You will have to keep few things in mind.

a. Nutrition is the most important element. The protein has to be pretty high.

b. If you want to look lean, cardio training is extremely important.

c. The rest perios between the sets needs to be lesser than normal. For eg is you used to taking a break of 2 minutes between sets, then reducing this time to 1 minute wil certainly help.

d. Include supersets in your exercise schedule. 

e. You can also do circuit training for a couple of days. Circuit trining is working on all the body muscles one by one and that becomes one set. You can do about 3-4 such sets


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