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Jul 20, 2015

How to get rid of back pain and wrist pain

I have been working out for about three years now,but recently my left wrist (ulnar bone) is hurting,it hurts in general when I rotate my wrist or when I do bicep curls,what is the solution to this?I am presently taking shelcal500 as recommended by a healthkart advisor. Secondly the area below my left shrug has been hurting for a few months now and hurts even if I just sit for long minutes ,can anyone tell me a remedy. Pls advice as I am tensed about being injured at such a young age and about not getting to work out.
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Jul 20, 2015
Firstly I appreciate healthkart recommended shelcal500. If u have bone pain then it will be deficiency of calcium. By taking shellcal 500 u feel the difference. When you do bisep curl, your palm grip not should be tight because it may include forearm muscle. Use wrists band or wrists band gloves for arms Use nivia belt for lower back. Pain is my love. [email protected]
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Thanks for the suggestions, I would try them out ,just one thing that my lower back isn't hurting but the part below my left shrug hurts (rhomboid minor and major) when I sit for a long time,this is really worrying me,do you have any suggestions on that?

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I think ur sitting position or posture not correct. Some time it may lead this problem. Avoid exercise which lead pain, take some massage ( jatun oil) for strong muscle and take rest for few days.
If there is no benefit of these things then u should concern ur Dr.
Don't take dead lift and bent over row.

Test altAlok walke Jul 21, 2015

Thank-you vishant for these tips,I will certainly try them out .The wrong posture could be a reason given that am tall(6feet 1inch)and lean ,also I took a massage and it felt better ,will continue with it and keep you all updated!Thanks once again .

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Jul 20, 2015

Hi Alok, 

We have an article on the most common workout injuries which you can read here:

However you should get yourself also checked up by a physiotherapist.

Hope this helps!


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