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Jul 24, 2015

How to get ripped to the bones

Hello sir, I am on a fat loss journey, I lost about 9% body fat & stuck on 16% body fat, not able to go below dat. Help me do dat, currently I'm on high protein & moderate carbs with healthy fats diet.
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Jul 27, 2015

Hi Shivam,

Lower down your carbohydrates, keep your protein high and moderate fats.


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Aug 05, 2015
Just change the schedule , shock the body, eat more fiber food for good metabolism.
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Aug 12, 2015


you need to choose isolate protein which is low carb n fat free protein , lower down your sodium level n cut your carb intake at night moreover try to take caesin protein or glutamine which will help in recovering your muscle at night .

low sodium

avoid high fried foods (trans fat),sugary stuff 




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