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Jul 24, 2015

How to i get abs and how much time it will take?

I am haing workout since sep.2014. That time my wight was 75kg and had belly fat. I am continously doing hardwork at gym to get rid off belly fat but still I have belly fat and I lose only 1-2kg weight in almost 1year. sometime I demotivated by seing my belly fat. My gym trainer told me that You have to take fat cuter tablets but i want to remove it naturally by workout. Is it possible to remove it naturally by workout and how much time it will take to get my abs??? Now weight is 73kg hieght:5.9 
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Jul 27, 2015


It will take time. At least a year if not, maybe more. Take a fat burner, and be in a calorie deficit. Train hard and it will happen eventually.



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