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Aug 27, 2015

How to increase more muscle mass without increasing overall body fat

hi my name is saurabh, i hv been gyming 1 yr from nw, height 5'11 weight 75kg age 23, chest 41, biceps 14.5, waist 35,my weight is constant from last 6 months & body fat is also constant 20%, what to do to reduce body fat & my waist.
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Sep 01, 2015


You can either be in a caloric deficit or a surplus. A surplus will help you build muscle and you will gain some fat and a deficit will lower your fat but you could also lose some muscle. Both can't be done at the same time. 


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Sep 02, 2015


You need to increase the protein intake so that it helps in increasing your muscle mass and also ned to cut down on high calorie foods , saturated fats , Areated Drinks,presevative foods like tinned food,high sodium food etc. Other than protein rich food in diet you also need to consume the isolate protein supplement which are free from sugar and carbs . They helps in providing good lean muscle and also has the absorption rate of 90 % as compared to Whey Protein . So can go ahead  with supplements like Nature's Best  Isopure Zero carbs, Muscleblaze Whey Isolate  etc.


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