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Feb 21, 2016

How to increase muscles n build six packs

hi sir.. im 32 year old male 175 cms/5 ft 9 inches height and 72 kgs of weight ..since i ws 19 yr old my weight ws 61 kgs constant till i attained age 29 ..then i started taking banana shake and within one month my weight increased to 70 kgs but most of the weight ws accumulated at belly...then i joined gym and since 5 months m wirking out 2 hrs every day except sundays ...i lost most of the fat fm belly in the very 1st month n mantained 71 / 72 kgs of weight ..but after two months growth stopped ...since three months my weight is nt increasing n muscles are also nt developing ...i hv a tight schedule so i cant maintain diet plan ..i usually hv light breakfast ..heavy lunch with 7 to 8 chapatis n dinner 5 chapatis ...sir please suggest me a suppliment to increase my muscles n weight too ...suggest me sm exercise plan .. i do weight trg day wice for each muscle area...m so depressed that now with no improvements i losing my interest over the exercises... sir please suggest me a gud suppliment , easy diet plan and exercise plan /shcedule day wise ...or any tips so that i can gain muscle ....
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Feb 24, 2016

Your body isn't responing because you eat too many carbs and too little protein. Eat more protein and reduce the rotis. Have 3 in lunch and 2 at dinner. Increase sabzi to include paneer, chicken etc. Have at least 300grams each meal.


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