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Aug 17, 2016

How to increase my arm size, while i am doing 2hrs workout in gym daily from last 4 months and also taking whey protien with milk before and after workout , after then with in one month my arm size recude from 12'' to 11.5" , while i am also taking eggs

Sir, I am doing workout from last 4 months every day in evening for 2Hrs. From last 1 month i have taking WHEY Protein Optimum Nutrition (ON) before and after work out 1/2 scoop with milk after then my arm size reduce from 12” to 11.5” Also in breakfast i have taken 2 egg white and after workout 3 egg white but no arm size increase. also drinking milk 2 glass every day My goal is to bulk the arm size. Plz suggest Height 5.5” Weight-61.5kg
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Aug 28, 2016

There seems no problem with your diet plan here, it is better if you focus on arms exercises to increase their size. Follow the link to know about Best Exercises for Arms


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