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Aug 06, 2017

How to increase weight keeping the lean mode on

hi, just need some tips/ proper guidance . I am 27 year old 5'8" guy with weight 63 kg . I have been working out for lean mode since past 11 months and able to achieve some good lean mode physique . My next aim is to increase muscle and go around 67 kgs i.e. get that extra 4-5 kgs by muscle max and low fat . But quite confused how to alter my current DIET so as to get max weight by muscle and not by weight . Here's my DIET routine : 6:00 am : black coffee as pre workout drink 06:15 am - 08:35 am : RUNNING / CYCLING / STRENTH / ABS (MONDAY-SATURDAY) 08:45am : POST WORKOUT DRINK WHEY PROTEIN with 350ml MILK 09:20am : 2 slice brown bread with cheesespread 10:00 am : office 01:35pm : lunch (2 chapaati + sabji) 02:00pm : dahi or juice 05:00pm : 50-60 gms sprouts 06:30 pm : 100 ml flavoured pasturized milk OR dahi 09:30 pm : Dinner (4 chappati + sabji + dhi) OR (chicken twice a week) Please review my routine and let me know how to modify or increase/decrease content so as to achieve that extra 5 kg of muscles ommiting the body fat . My ideal/target Body Shape : Randy Ortan (WWE player)
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Aug 08, 2017


 You need to increase protein  intake by 25% at least to  increase muscular mass, also please stop doing too much off extended steady state cardio sessions( running ) your weight training should be more of free weights and less of machine focus should be on all the basic multi joint movements, include whey protein concentrate , with creatine mono hydrate as pre workout and bcaa as intra workout recovery support.
Post workout consume whey protein with water, and one serving early morning.
Include high protein food like lean chicken, egg whites, and grilled fish. Complex carbs like brown rice, oats, and quinoa are few good sources to include in your diet.

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