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Apr 22, 2016

How to loose love handles or obliques

plz tell me how to loose love handles , fat aroud waist .what type of cardio i can .what type of food should i eat ..strenght training kitna krna hai cardio se pehle krna hai .i m confused plz help me handles how to reduce .
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Apr 22, 2016
plz tell me ..plz
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Apr 23, 2016

 Hi Dilpreet,

Reduce your calorie intake, Limit processed food intake, Replace carbohydrate-rich foods with non-starchy vegetables, Replace fatty meat with lean meat, Increase water consumption.

Begin an aerobic exercise training routine, Increase Lifestyle activity,Do abdominal (ab) crunches, bicycle crunches,Do reverse crunches, planks, swimming.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar 30ml empty stomach with water, Whey protein isolate post workout with water, use L-carnitine is between 500-2,000mg/day.









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