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Oct 12, 2015

How to loose weight

i want to loose weight by normal way of diet and normal exercises done at home and i also want to build my body normal
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Oct 14, 2015

Look out for your eating habits and sleeping pattern.

I will suggest you to follow these simple rules.

eat heavy in breakfast

have a moderate lunch

say no to fats or sugars in dinner

eat fresh and always prefer boiled foods to fried ones.

cut off all the junk food from your schedule.

follow a time schedule for eating and sleeping.

sleep minimum 8 hours

4-6 hours of physical activity per week.

Always look out for saturated , trans fats and complex sugars.

Always atay positive.

you will loose 2-3 kgs easily in the begining, later on you should increase physical activites while sticking to the schedule.



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