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Aug 27, 2015

How to make muscle mass and reduce body fat (specially belly fat) simultaneously ?

I am going gym from past 2 years, how to increase more muscle mass and reduce body fat specially belly fat simultaneously ? Is there any problem doing abs on chest day? Can I do abs in bulking phase ? Best exercise for back muscles ?
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Sep 01, 2015


You CAN NOT build muscle and lose fat at the same time. You should do abs during a bulk because you'd want to increase your ab muscles and it can be done on chest day. We have an article on back exercises. Kindly read that:


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Sep 02, 2015


If you are trying  to reduce the fat and looking to gain the muscle mass  both cardio and weight training plays important role. You can do the cardio as warm up for 5 - 7 min and then proceed with the weight training. The difference lies in the intensity , reps and the sets for the each exercise.Do cardio with low  intensity 20 - 30 min after weight training so that you can decrease the fat percentage and increse the muscle mass . Train your abs with the weights  so that you will able to increase the abodomen muscle(rectus abdomen).You can combine the back exercise with the chest.


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