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Feb 09, 2017

How to reduce belly fat & increase arm muscle

Am having hight of 5:7 Inc with waight 70.presently am takeing dymatize super mass gainer .it's only showing result on my belly person nt on my arm & shoulder , so which protin suppliment I should use ?
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Feb 16, 2017

As per what you have mentioned, belly fat is a part of bulking process. If you are in gaining phase and taking any good mass gainer, you will gain extra fat on your belly or face. But this extra fat can be shredded once you reach your desired weight and you enter the cutting phase (i.e. minimum carbohydrate, high protein diet and whey protein isolate instead of gainer).

But if you don't want this extra fat in the initial stage as well, you will have to take Blend Protein or whey protein instead of mass gainer and a good diet.


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