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Mar 26, 2016

How to reduce fat on the butts and thighs?

Hello Sir/Mam my name is Nancy and I have problem with my fatty looks on butts and thighs having extra fat I am married now so plz suggest me some workouts for this also some Diet tips.
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Mar 27, 2016


Buttline is another stubborn mucle if your working level is sedentary. My suggestion walk every five minutes for every 20 mins lying or sitting on chair. Coming to diet, you need to focus on complex carbs like oats, brown rice or whole grain tawa roti. Make sure you check the sugar contents on each and every thing you buy, yes sugar is your worst enemy. Loose your cravings for deep fries, packet chips, aerated drinks, pastries and cakes. Switch to green tea with apple cider vinegar and honey on the first thing in the morning. Coming to workout, do stretch your glutes and hamstrings before workout. Most importantly, you need to squat in right posture for about half an hour with the same or free weight or 4 sets 20-15 reps weighted. You need to focus on stiffed leg deadlift, knee raise and dont forget your cardio sessions.

Try it out and let me know.


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