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Aug 27, 2015

How to reduce waist without losing muscel mass.

How do i get the body fat percentage below 12? I got waist of 36 inch and wish to get to 32 inch or below. I am working out since 2 years and can squat 100kg, deadlift 120kg and chest press 70 kg, millitary 60 kg without any support for 5 reps in each. Or very simple in a mass gaining program to get to 90 kg body weight how do I grow body muscle and reduce waist size. I weigh 78kg and height 5ft 8inch.
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Sep 03, 2015


Reducing your body fat percentage will only happen when you are going to reduce your calories below maintainance. Those numbers are very impressive but they will decrease once you decrease your calories. Also waist line is mostly genetic so keep that in mind




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