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Feb 09, 2016

How to stop hair loss ?

I tried Danabol 5 months ago ..did not follow any of PCT. Hair started falling right after one week of taking Danabol 5 mg .. So I cut the cycle to 3 weeks .. Fst week .. 5 mg , 2nd week ..10 mg , 3rd week ..15 mg.. u can see this is very low dosage by it increased my DHT level so hard that it's been 5 months my hair fall didn't stop ..Used Finasteride 1mg , Minoxidril 2% topical solution and nizoral shampoo combination..By still it's not helping ..My mother side males hv good hair on their scalp..What's wrong with me ? Will it regrow after once it stop falling .. Expecting a reply ..Thank u
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Feb 10, 2016

We do not recommend the use of steroids and thus can not offer any substantial advise.

Test althemrajsharma927... Feb 10, 2016

Yes .. I know HK doesn't recommend or promote roids .even I don't like it..it was a big mistake to try it.I just presented the reason of my hair fall and was expecting some real expert advice on hair fall not steroids .. So all I wanted to know how do I stop hair fall now ..

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