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Apr 12, 2016

How to take creatine, bcaa, micronized glutamine and whey protein

I want to know how to take Creatine, BCAA, Micronized Glutamine and whey protein  
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Apr 12, 2016


Creatine need to load first then you can continue as normal dose so the so dosage- Loading Phase 20gm for 5 days in divided dosage then 5gm for 40 days then stop for 20-30 days then again start as started.

Dosage for BCAA 5-10 gm per day consume with water during workout & is used for muscle recovery.

Glutamine is used for the recovery of skeletal Muscle & dosage is 5gm in the Night with water.

Whey protein use two soops in a day, 1 scoop early in the morning with water, 1 scoop post workout with water.



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