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Oct 03, 2016

How to verify my protein powder (and seller's) authenticity

I just ordered "MuscleTech NitroTech Performance Series, 3.97 lb Milk Chocolate" from Healthcart. But now I am wondering if the product will be genuine or not, since its not sold directly by Healthkart and the Seller is not the official merchandiser for MuscleTech in India (Unlike Healthkart exclaim no-middleman policy). How do I know from whom "Natures Velvet Lifecare" exports their MuscleTech products? Also there used to be a link where Healthkart used to show all products they sell directly or provide details of official sellers. I do not see that page anymore. It would be really great if I will get all the above information. So I can save my pain later if the product comes out to be fake. In short, I would like not just a verbal assurance about the product but concrete details about the official vendor that "Natures Velvet Lifecare" bought products from.
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Oct 13, 2016

All the vendors listed on Healthkart are authentic and the products sold are 100% genuine. So if you have ordered product through Healthkart then dont worry the product will be genuine. 


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