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Nov 09, 2017

I am 5ft 7 and 55 kg. i want to build muscle mass. should i start with mass gainer or whey isolate will also work ? i

I do not want belly fats and I have herd mass gainers add to the belly fat. Please suggest.
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Nov 09, 2017


As per your credentials, your ideal body weight is 70 kgs, to gain these extra kgs you need to consume a supplement with good carb as well as protein ratio , to provide the extra calories needed for weight gain and protein to support the muscle mass.

You can consume lean mass gainer till you achieve your desired weight, then switch to whey isolate.

Follow a good workout schedule to avoid belly fat.


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Nov 09, 2017
thanks a lot ! So I should take lean mass gainer till I achieve 70kg approx and then Isolate ? and also as you are an expert can you please suggest a product as I am getting confused in too many on offer. You have been a great help. Thanks once again Dr.
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Yes, as per your credentials your ideal body weight is 70kg. For detailed product information pls contact our team on 0124 461 6444.

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