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Sep 09, 2015

I am able to develop muscle mass

Sir Please accept my sincere namaskars.  I am doing workout from last more than 8 months. My workout timings are in morning from 8am to 9 am. The gym where I go has given me a workout schedule which is split (i.e two body parts workout each day). weight: 67kg Height: 5 ft 5 inch Age: 41 After workout I take dymatize super mass gainer (about 250gm with milk). Thereafter, I take creating after an hour, and glutamin after an hour (5 gm each). Recently I was measured, but there is not much significant change. My biceps size has not increased much. My waist has increased three inches 34 inches. The trainer said that it is due to mass gainer, and he told me to start with whey protein. I had started taking one scoop of whey after workout. I dont know, but in gym I am not feeling to take more weights. i get tired easily and thus I dont do (or I am not giving) workout to my fullest.  What should I do? I feel that I am not getting good results, may be becoze creatine is not effecting me much, or I am not taking more protine.   Please guide me sir. Namaskar G A Solanki    
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