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Sep 19, 2015

I am beginner in zym .should i start creatine and bcaa

I have recently started the Zym( all most one week). I have supplements stack whey,casein,multivitamin, fish oil,bcaa,creatine. Out of these supplements which I should start now. And which I should start later and when
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Sep 19, 2015


Do your workout without any supplement for 1 week then  start your whey and multivitamin only from second week with two sccop of whey in a day ( 1st after your workout with water only & 2nd with skimmed milk or water any alternate time in a day) & a Tablet of multivitamin after your lunch.

FROM 3rd week, you can add your BCAA & Creatine

Creatine: 5 g after your workout with your post workout shake

BCAA: Sip your Bcaa during your workout with water or coconut water.


FROM 4 th week, you can add fish oil and casein too.

Fish oil: Three times in a day with three major meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Casein: Take one scoop before bed with weater or skimmed milk



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