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Aug 07, 2015

I am doing biceps and triceps both together. is it better or i need changes?

I am doing biceps and triceps together every week. I need to grow my arms. Right now the size has been blocked or stop growing. Please help me with this.
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Aug 07, 2015
After chest exercise do 2 or 3 exercise for trisep on chest day. Bisep on back day 2 or 3. Take Supliment .. Protein, etc. Focus on diet and in workout reps should be max 10
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Aug 09, 2015

You might have heard monday is cosidered as international chest day is not because a ritual or something uts coz workout is evenly distributed for complete week. Do it like this Monday - Chest , Tuesday - Back , Wednesday - Shoulder and wrists , Thursday - Legs and Friday - Arms(Tri n Bi) , Enjoy weekend and eat lots of protein.

Test altnikhil Oct 29, 2015

this is the best way i think..

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Aug 10, 2015

Hi Rohit,

For any body part to grow properly try hitting it twice a week so your workout schedule might even look like this.

Monday- Chest, Shoulders

Tuesday- Legs, Abs

Wednesday- Back, Arms

Thursday- Chest, Shoulders

Friday- Arms, Legs

Saturday- Back, Abs

Sunday- Rest


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Aug 10, 2015

i think if you are in advance stage then you should hit all part twice in a day.

but if are intermediary then you can do biceps and triceps both together in  a day.


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