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Jan 18, 2016

I am going to try muscleblaze whey pro which has creatine, adding glutamine to postworkout shake will affect ?

I am going to try muscleblaze whey pro which has creatine, adding MB glutamine to MB-pro Postworkout shake will affect anything? Because I read articles which stated that creatine and glutamine should never be taken at sametime.  Should I consume glutamine separately before postworkout shake?  Also I am gonna take glutamine before bed, so the only question in my mind is about postworkout shake.
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Jan 19, 2016


Both glutamine and creatine are amino acids, they both are building blocks of protein. Creatine supplements is to help boost levels of creatine, also called phosphocreatine, in muscle tissue. The function of creatine is to be used by your muscles for energy once its main source of energy, called ATP, has run out. Glutamine has many different roles in the body. It is used to help remove ammonia from your body, maintain a healthy immune system, improve digestion and boost brain. During an intense resistance training workout or high-intensity interval training session , Glutamine consumed as a supplement or produced in the body, is stored in the muscles and lungs. It is useful for helping muscles recover after a tough workout.It's not only safe to consume creatine and glutamine at the same time . It's the ideal post workout drink that combines the benefits of creatine and glutamine, including muscle recovery and restoring your body's energy stores. It does not have any possible adverse reactions when mixing creatine and glutamine.Glutamine is safe at doses up to 15 g per day.You can mix the two supplements in water or any non-acidic,cold beverage.



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