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May 07, 2016

I am lost in my weight loss journey need help very badly

Hi body builders, I am almost 22yrs old guy with 103kg (227lbs) body weight and I have been working out since October 2015 at the start my weight was 114kg (250lbs). In first month I lost around 4-5kgs of weight (must be water weight) and then after in next 3 months I have have lost only ~4kgs which very very low and in last two months I haven't even lost 1lb weight because of which I am in much depression now. Being a newbie at starting I joined the most expensive gym of my city but my experience is really bad here as every trainer either wants to sell there personal training package or suppliments otherwise they don't give a dam. so I started doing research online on diet, workout plans, suppliments etc and started doing by myself usually I did strength training 1-2 days a week sometimes not even that and burned over 600 cals in cardio 6days a week, Now about my diet I am vegetarian so there is always deficiency of protein in my diet and ate alot carbs daily as rice and roti(flat Indian bread), at the start I was so careless with my protein intake I mostly got 5-10gm protein from dairy products, as my research grew I came to know the importance of protein and started consuming 1.5%milk ~800ml daily which gives me approx 30gm protein daily still I am protien deficient. And I can't further increase my natural protein intake as I don't even eat eggs and I am almost drinking a litre milk daily. At start my fat% was ~34% and now 31% So my question is do I really have done thinks terribly wrong? Did I have lost high amount of muscle and very low fat? I haven't taken any suppliments yet, but I am going to take now if you suggest. What will you suggest? BCAA? Fat burners? Protien whey or casein or both? Glutamine? etc and of which brands. What should be my workout plan? I am really confused between what to do and when, in things like HIIT, tabata, functional training, strength training etc Should I take personal trainer? (I don't really want to as rates in my gym are way too high and I am student dependent on parents so it is difficult and also I haven't seen trainers doing more than counting in PT sessions in my gym) What should I do for my diet? how much calorie should I take? and last very big problem I have very poor concentration I can't focus on my workout or cardio. I can't even complete my 15min treadmill walk or cross trainer at once? What show I do? My target weight is 72kg, how much time will it take me to reach if I give my 90%? My height is 172cms if someone wants to know. Sorry for my bad english
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May 16, 2016

Multiple reasons why you failed. Too many carbs, not counting your calories and too little protein are the main suspects here. Do this:

  1. Calculate your calories and be in a 200 calorie deficit
  2. Macro ratio should be 40-40-20
  3. Cut your roti's, rice and other carbs
  4. Have whey protein, cheese, tofu etc. to compensate for lack of protein
  5. Workout regularly

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