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Aug 04, 2015

I am very skinny , i would like to go to gym , what should be my diet plan and which supplement should i take for strength , power

Manu bhardwaj , male ,height -5-9 , weight 55 kg
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Aug 04, 2015
According to height weight ratio you max ideal weight 75kg. It means required 20kg gain. Calories should be more than 880kcl and increase. I recommend MuscleBlaze XXL gainer or endura dubble gain. One scoop after workout and one scoop in any time of day . Eat more carbs compare to protein and fat also take for gaining. 55% carbs 25% protein 20% fat. For streignt take gainner and follow clean healthy diet and work hard.. It take time , nothing can happen in days it take many years. Be natural be healthy
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Aug 05, 2015

Hi Manu, 

We recently had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Bishnu Adhikari. You can follow his workout and diet plan here:


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Aug 08, 2015

Dude you must give a try to Dymatize Super Mass gainer or BSN True Mass,they r bit expensive than Muscleblaze but u will get results with proper diet and workout,see the improvement after 1 month only!

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Aug 10, 2015

you should go for high cal mass gainers which have protein: cabs:: 5:1, because as Vishant says you need to gain 20 kg muscle mass. 

Along with this you should have 6 meals in a day and intake more water around 4-5 ltr



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