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Nov 12, 2016

I can't get muscle cut?? i have only size for getting cuts or shape what should i do?

i can't get muscle cut?? i have only size for getting cuts or shape what should i do????
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Nov 14, 2016
There are three things on which your body's shape & cuts depends:
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Supplements

Work out pattern should be like with moderate to heavy weights with reps as per your strength. Post weight training, you should do 30 min of abs workout (alternate day) and then 20 min cardio (everyday).

Regarding diet, increase your protein intake (Egg White, Boiled Chicken, Paneer, Low Fat Curd, Pulses & Soyabean) and decrease your carbohydrate intake (Roti, Rice, Bread Biscuits etc). Moreover, instead of having very heavy meals at one time, you should have moderate quantities at frequent intervals. This way food is better utilized in your body.
Supplements that you need to take are Isolate Whey Protein (1 Scoop Post Workout in Water, 1 Scoop in Water in the second half of the day; But not at bedtime), BCAA (1 Scoop in Water, sip by sip during Workout). And if you have been working out for more that 5-6 months, then add glutamine as well (1 Scoop in Water, at bedtime).
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Nov 14, 2016
Basically you need to cut down your body fat to obtain an ideal body fat percentage if you want to get ripped. Incorporate high volume training by increasing the number of reps and sets and keep your diet in check. Avoid processed foods completely and keep your protein intake high while consuming carbs in proper proportions at the right times when they can be used up without getting stored. Go for a whey Isolate as your primary form of protein and do a 15 minutes session of hiit after your weight training routine. With time you will surely see the results.

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