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Mar 21, 2018

I had ordered isopure whey protein 7.2 lbs (naturs best brand), what is my in take my details and questions are in the below box...

First thanks for providing original products :) Personal Details: My name is Vaibhav Srivastava My age is 30, weight 71 Kg and height 5'4'' (Marketing Manger-Official Job) Regular active in: Some time running (2/3 km), Daley walking 1/2 Kmtrs, in a week 3/4 times Badminton play/Gym some time . (Cheat Diet: 95% avoiding) I was started GYM in when i was in class 12th but not continue. On last month i was suffering from H.Thyroide (Date 21/1/18 my TSH is 9.3 and T3,T4 is normal and now my TSH is 5.3 and all normal-But i take one Tyro-norm 95mg/day) Further, i am decided to adopt healthy lifestyle and make my physic like slim muscular body. My question: What is your best opinion ? If i take protein then what is the right time, qty and with water/milk ? What fitness plan i add in my lifestyle (cross-fit/Gym) ? My Tioried is normal now,is my case effect any how ? Warm Regards Vaibhav Srivastava [email protected]
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Mar 28, 2018


 As per your credentials, your Ideal body weight is 62 kg, so make your goal accordingly. Since you have started gymming again since your BMR is very low due to thyroid, I strongly recommend you to do on Cardio, strength training in your workout schedule and HIIT cardio three times a week after your weight training session. Include whey isolate post workout with water and BCAA as intra workout.

In diet include high protein like fish and egg whites and complex carbs like whole grain cereals and pulses. Try to avoid or use sparingly cabbage, cauliflower, soybean in your diet.


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