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Apr 15, 2016

I have a uneven triceps suggest how toh even them?

Hi puneet..My triceps are uneven to one another so tell me how even them..?
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Apr 16, 2016


A few things I have to say off the bat is continue to stick with heavy compound movements as the basis of your workouts. Make sure you're nailing your form on all reps and exercising full range of motion. These will help with general growth as well as proper weight distribution throughout the exercise, all of which can help bring your body up symmetrically, especially early in your lifting career.

Anyways, if you actually have a strength issue between the triceps then you would work on unilateral isolation work for the triceps, like one arm tri pulldowns, or one arm skulls. Maybe at the end of the set do an extra few with the lagging arm.



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