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Apr 26, 2016

I just want to know about post workout meal

I'm pure veggy and going gym to night(9-10) so after whey protein which food I need to eat and what is best time to take multivitamin?
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Apr 26, 2016

Hi Ravi,

Just take

1-2 roti

1 cup of pulses,

1 cup of green leafy veg,

1 Quarter plate of salad,

1 cup of low fat curd


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Apr 27, 2016

Dear Ravi,

As you  said you are pure vegeterian, and do training my late evening thats between (9-10).

After workouts body needs protein to recover and Whey Protein will do it.

1. For dinner, you can have a normal regular food, but keep it light dont eat heavy. Add Spinach ( PALAK), Sprouted Pulses and Beans to your plate thats the best protein content food which body needs.

DO NOT FORGET TO have Curds before going to bed with minimal salt and NO SUGAR.

 2. The best time to take mulit vitamin is morning along with breakfast, if that makes you uncomfortable than have it night along with meals.  

Happy Lifiting.



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