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Dec 12, 2015

I m 5ft 6 inch weighing 74 kg should i take whey protein

I have to lose fat as well as build muscles What other measures should i take
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Jan 08, 2016

Hi Depesh

Acoording to your height ,your Ideal Body Weight is 62  Kg, So you can go ahead with supplements like Fat burners and along with that Whey Isolate proteins. Fat burners are generally Classified into 2 broad categories: Thermogenic (stimulant-based) and  Non Thermogenic (stimulant free).Thermogenic fat burners contains a combination of one or more stimulants like caffeine , yombinine extracts etc. Non Thermogenic fat burners contains green tea extracts, chromium picolinate, gracinia extracts etc.These ingredients aim to boosts body metabolism , suppress appetite, and increase fat release from fat cells (to be burned as energy). Whey Protein Isolates are fat-free, are very low in carbs, and are lactose free. They helps in tightening and toning of muscles.


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