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Nov 05, 2015

I need to build muscle with very less fat content in my body

I do 15-20 mins cardio 4-5 days a week... My height is 5'6 inch n weight is 64kg...right now I am muscular bt I really want aesthetic I am totally on the fatty muscle these days the supplements are not so cheap so I mostly rely on naturally available protein like chicken, eggs and pulses... Need to know how can I shed the extra fats from my body and gain more muscles?
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Nov 06, 2015



You should take 6 rich protein diet in a whole day beacuse you need somewhere around 110 grm of protein for best should cut down you simple carbs, simple sugar, saturated fat from your diet and take Whey Isolate and BCAA as your supplement stack, it will be really beneficial for your muscle growth.


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