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Sep 09, 2015

I need to reduce fat %, getting ripped for boxing and mma

Hi, I have to reduce the fat % of my body weight, I getting fail to drop my lower belly and chest moobs fat. I train 5 days a week-  Moday  - Upper body -  Horizontal Push, Horizontal Pull, accessary upper back work, some arms work, then ABS followed by 10 min conditioning Tuesday-  Boxing/ MMA work Wed - Lower Body -  Squat, single leg squat, any hamstring work, Farmer walk or any other carry variation Thursday - Rest Friday - Upper body - Vertical Push, Vertical Pull, Arms, Additional Upper back work, Abs, Condtioning. Saturday - Boxing/ MMA Work ** MMA / Boxing work also includes loaded carries, running or sprinting. Sunday - Rest Need to know your advice now to drop more fat and get in perfect shape. Thanks Amit
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Sep 10, 2015

Stop taking salt, simple carb, spices, fruits, sugar, and a lot of dairy products and take diuretic supplements.



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