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Jun 28, 2017

I wanna gain weight, what ever i eat doesn't help me to put up my weight.

Hello Sir/Madam I'm under weight, My height is 168 cm and according this my weight should be 66 But i'm 53. For some month started eating muscle blaze weight gainer that increases my weight from 49 to 53kg. i regularly does dips and some fitness exrcise without using any weight like dips] chin ups, situps. Help me to find a best weight gainer to build some mass that will remain last, even if i leave taking the mass gainer. with regards pankaj
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Jun 28, 2017


If you are doing workout, just doing dips and chin ups will not push your body to grow, you need to follow a workout schedule. Instead of weight gainer, go for mass gainer and a calorie dense diet. Include peanut butter, coconut oil, shkaes like fig shake, dates, banana shake in your diet. Consume 5-6 small calorie dense meals in a day.

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